Obligatory First Post.

To start with, welcome to my WordPress!

A little intro: my name is Kyle, I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have two cats, a VW Jetta, and a Kawasaki Ninja. I wear 32×32 pants. I like hot wheels and cheap sunglasses.

This blog will just be a tool to showcase some of the cut-vinyl sticker stuff I do on the side. I’ve got a Creation P-Cut 24″ cutter running Flexi 8 software (2 versions behind) and Illustrator CS3 (3ish versions behind). I won’t get into technical stuff too often, mainly because it’s boring and doesn’t really matter.

A couple disclaimers:

I use profanity.
I am not a professional. At all.
I just do this for kicks when I have time.
Almost everything will be posted from my iPhone (which might be good for you mobile RSS folks).
I won’t be taking orders via comments.
If you want to place a potential sticker order, email me:

I’m going to try and get content posted at least weekly, but for now, here’s a selfie.



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